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To receive the same high quality services you have come to expect from us
please make a production request at


Since we started ASL Captions 3 years ago, we have had the honor of captioning tens and thousands of hours of American Sign Language videos, making ASL accessible to everyone. 


We do more than just captioning. We edit videos for clients. We produce voice overs & sound design to make ASL content accessible to the hearing community. We produce live streams that are accessible in ASL, audio & captions. We tackle just about everything our clients bring to us, trust us, we’ve done lots of wild things that are outside the scope of what we do. We love a good challenge, and we love our community. 


We have decided that it is time to return to our roots.


In 2006 we established DPAN Productions to produce accessible video content for DPAN produced videos. It wasn't until the launch of ASL Captions that we offered a service to the public for the first time. You all took notice, and we grew rapidly offering additional services when asked. 


We decided it was time to make changes and offer our services as DPAN Productions. 


Changes include: 

  • will now redirect to 

  • Changes to service prices to meet the specific needs of clients 

  • Discontinue Audio Captioning Jobs (More emphasis on ASL & Deaf Centric work) 

  • More focus on specific clients 

  • Simplification of duration count (round up to the minute) 

  • Monthly billing for all approved clients 


Why the change?

Between the experienced deaf transcribers who bring your message into another language, to the deaf captioners who craft your captions, to the deaf editors who make sure your video looks beautiful, the signing friendly audio team who ensures that the access is heard, the quality control and administrative teams who make sure your project is the very best it can be, every step of this process is highly skilled work. At the end of the day, your project is carefully reviewed, crafted, and brought back to you with an entire team of individuals behind it and this applies to all of our services. 


We look forward to the future and supporting you even more. 




Sean Forbes & The DPAN Productions Team 

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