Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

We have a simple three-step process for sending in videos!

  • Send us your video via Google Drive or WeTransfer and let us know which services you would like.

  • We will take a look at your video and send you an invoice via PayPal.

  • Once we receive payment, we will get started!

How do I know what kind of captions I want?

We offer captions in two formats: closed captions, and open captions. 

  • With closed captions, we send you a caption file that you can easily upload wherever you upload your videos (Such as YouTube, Facebook, websites, etc.). This is the most popular service we offer.

  • With open captions, we “burn” the captions into your video, which means we send your video back to you with captions on top of the video. With this option, you can stylize your captions with your choice of font, color, and more!

When will I get my finished captions?

We are proud to offer a 72 hour turnaround time for your captions. If you need your captions ASAP, let us know! We offer expedited services at a charge of $10 per minute of video. Rest assured that our team is in the office Monday through Friday working diligently - we don’t want you waiting around forever for your captions!


How much do you charge for voiceover or sound design?

This depends on a few things! How long is your video? How many voiceovers are needed? Would you like music added to your video as well? If you request audio services, we will look at your video first and offer you a quote. 


What if I’m not happy with the final product?

We want all of our clients to be happy with our work! So if you have feedback, please email us and we will make changes free of charge. 


Do you take special requests?

Totally! Tell us your vision, and we can work together to make that happen. We have state of the art equipment and software that allows us to be creative. Let’s talk about it!


Is your whole team deaf?

We have a great mix of deaf and hearing employees who are all highly skilled in the services we offer. However, aslcaptions is proudly lead by deaf employees who understand the importance of accessibility better than anyone!


I have more questions…

Bring them on! We are always an email away, happy to assist you. Send us an email at We’re looking forward to working with you!